Potomac medical aesthetics

Results Oriented Treatments Coupled With Highly Personalized Care


Beautiful Aesthetics performed by a physician

We provide inner-driven individuals with unmatched, natural looking outcomes using world class treatments, cutting edge technologies, and highly personalized procedures, so they can experience true well being.

After years as a highly respected emergency medicine physician Dr. Peter Petropoulos wanted to give men and women a place where they can achieve their unique aesthetic goals with fully personalized, non-surgical medical treatments. What is so appealing to his patients is that Dr. Petropoulos performs every medical procedure - including the popular treatments like CoolSculpting® and ForeverYoung BBL®-himself, ensuring natural looking outcomes, personalized to the unique goals of each individual patient. All other non-medical treatments, such as HydraFacial® are performed by our aestheticians.

A Staff that Shares Dr. Petropoulos’ Belief in the Ultimate Patient Experience

Dr. Petropoulos and his staff offer medical grade treatments and a VIP experience. He says “I want people to walk through the front door and feel welcome. They should not have to wait.” Dr. Petropoulos believes in superlative care before, during, and after a procedure.

Dr. Petropoulos uses a great expression about how he chooses his staff: “Hire the smile. Train the skill.” 

That is the reason each staff member will do anything in their power to make patients happy, including things outside the normal duties of the staff. They take the initiative to do whatever will create the best patient experience at Potomac Medical Aesthetics.


kind words

The treatment went really well, even better than I had anticipated and I know that was because of Dr. Ps experience, his attention to detail and genuine commitment to a great outcome. Through the combined Halo/BBL treatment he removed brown spots that required daily concealer. I joke that I am Benjamin Button, aging in reverse. Really fantastic team and incredible results!
I had a wonderful experience at Potomac Medical Aesthetics! Dr. Petropoulos and his staff were amazing. Professional, friendly, and honest. I had a thorough consultation for CoolSculpting, and saw amazing results. I went back for a second treatment and couldn’t be happier with the results. I struggled with post-baby pudge around my midsection for years, but now I finally like what I see in the mirror. I’ve recommended them to several friends since then. Highly recommend!!
Dr. Peter Petropoulos was very thorough with his consultation with me in regards to cool sculpting and made my experience a great one. I had my cool sculpting completed in June on my lower abdomen with noticeable results within 6 weeks! I had a second appointment completed for my flanks and upper abdomen in Mid September and look forward to seeing the different fat areas flatten!

I would highly recommend Dr. Petropoulos. He has great bedside manner, great with following up with me on the post-treatment results, and most importantly, saw great results with him.
Dr. Petropoulos spent a good amount of time with me (completely unexpected given experiences at other places) going over the areas I wanted to treat and what my options were. He was extremely knowledgeable with his products and after learning about my expectations, he offered me several treatment ideas – not once did he pressure me into any of them; simply informing me and educating me with options and outcomes. His staff is very warm and friendly. I will definitely be going back!!