How the Halo™ Laser – Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Works to Turn Back the Hands of Time


There are a few things we find the majority of our patients look at when deciding on a treatment to address their most nagging skin concerns:

  • The speed in which you’ll see results

  • How precise the treatment will be at addressing specific areas of concern 

  • And the amount of downtime you’ll experience post-treatment 

And it’s for all these reasons, and then some, that our patients love the Halo™ Laser – Skin Rejuvenation treatment! 

Not only can results be seen quickly (within a couple of days), but the Halo™ Laser is the only fractional laser treatment that uses dual wavelength technology, which allows us to pinpoint targeted areas of concern to reveal healthy and rejuvenated skin.

Because the Halo™ Laser is so well-loved and highly sought after, we thought we’d put together the answers to the most common questions we receive about this incredible treatment:

What kinds of skin concerns does the Halo™ Laser address and treat?

The Halo™ Laser is best for treating common signs of skin aging as well as damage caused by sun exposure, including discoloration or uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, sun spots, and sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, and even scar revision. 

As you can see, this treatment addresses a wide array of concerns, and one of the reasons this is possible is because of the level of precise targeting and customization we can achieve with the Halo™ Laser. 

How does the Halo™ Laser work?

We’re so glad you asked! 

That’s typically the question that comes after the list of all the things you can treat with the Halo™ Laser because patients want to know how it’s possible! 

So, the Halo™ Laser is actually the only hybrid fractional laser on the market, and what that means is that the Halo™ Laser uses a dual wavelength technology that allows for synergistically repairing and rejuvenating the skin on both a deep dermal-level and epidermal surface level. 

This then spurs the skin to go through the natural healing process, which lifts pigment and both visible and non-visible damage to the surface and sloughs off within a few days to reveal vibrant and radiant skin. 

Does receiving a Halo™ treatment hurt?

In addition to the integrated temperature monitoring and cooling technology built into the Halo™ Laser, at Potomac Medical Aesthetics, we have a variety of tools to aid in the comfort of your treatment although most patients experience minimal discomfort if any. 

For most patients, the treatment has a warming and at times prickly sensation followed by a warm feeling post-treatment that lasts for about 15-30 minutes. 

How many treatments do I need to see results? 

Because of the level of customization we can achieve with the Halo™ Laser – Skin Rejuvenation treatment, this allows for us to come up with a custom treatment plan for reaching your specific skincare goals.

Some patients choose to have a couple of more aggressive treatments to address and resolve their skin concerns in a shorter timeframe, while other patients want more frequent, but less aggressive treatments, which does prolong visible results, but it’s all based on your goals and preference. 

To come up with a customized treatment plan, we conduct consults with all our patients looking to receive a treatment with the Halo™ Laser. Call us at 301-417-8372 to book a consult today!

How long does the treatment take and what’s the downtime like?

Halo™ Laser treatments take on average less than 30 minutes and have little to no downtime although you will want to keep your skin protected according to Dr. Petropoulos’ post-care instructions for the immediate days after treatment.  

(Also, all of our Halo™ patients receive a complimentary Alastin Post-Care Kit to ensure you have everything you need to see optimal results!)

After the first 24 hours post-treatment, you’ll begin to experience the skin peeling during the healing process, which will fully reveal your new skin beneath in roughly 3-4 days post-treatment. 

Are you ready to experience what the Halo™ Laser can do for your skin? Call 301-417-8372 to book a consultation today!

During our consult we’ll evaluate your goals, specific skin concerns, make recommendations, and answer any and every question you have about the treatments. We hope to see you in our office soon! 

Daniela Woerner