Aesthetic Treatments

Hydrafacial MD

$175/$225 | 30/50 minutes

HydraFacial MD is a multi-step microdermabrasion treatment that is customizable and effective for all skin types and a long list of common concerns. We are able to tailor your HydraFacial treatment to your specific goals and needs using a series of HydraPeel tips, providing you with the natural-looking results you want for your skin. HydraFacial uses a handheld device to remove skin impurities and replenish essential nutrients, such as hyaluronic acid and antioxidants, that help your skin look and feel younger. With just one treatment, you will notice a healthier, more vibrant and revitalized look to your skin.

Chemical Peels

$175 | 30 minutes

Overtime, our skin loses its natural luster. Chemical peels exfoliate dead cells and can be used to improve the appearance of the skin on the face, neck, chest, or hands. The newly regenerated skin is healthier, helping the complexion to appear as it did in one’s youth– beautiful, smooth, and tight.

A chemical peel can effectively treat a number of conditions including scarring (including acne scars), fine lines and light wrinkles, irregular skin pigmentation, superficial blemishes, and sun damaged skin.


$90 | 30 minutes

An exfoliative treatment, dermaplaning is performed as a tool is gently brushed over the face. Dermaplaning is an amazingly gentle treatment when properly performed removing the top layer of dead skin. This outermost layer is often responsible for creating a dull and lackluster complexion. In addition to brightening your skin’s appearance, dermaplaning increases product efficacy and allows for better product penetration, does not cause inflammation or disrupt the delicate pH balance of the skin, and creates a smoother, even surface for applying make-up more effectively.

Facial Membership

$149 | 50 minutes

Monthly maintenance treatments are essential to any skincare plan. Our Facial Club members receive their choice of a medical grade facial, a Hydrafacial®, or a chemical peel each month for a deeply discounted rate. Members also enjoy 25% off upgrades and 10% off additional services and products. Initial membership requires a 3 month commitment and then rolls into month to month after. Treatments do roll over and don't expire if you're unable to make it in for a month.