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Potomac Medical Aesthetics

Potomac Medical Aesthetics is the practice of Dr. Peter S. Petropoulos, MD. After years as a highly respected emergency medicine physician, Dr. Petropoulos wanted to give men and women a place where they can achieve their unique aesthetic goals with fully personalized, non-surgical medical treatments.

What is really appealing to his patients is that Dr. Petropoulos performs every medical procedure—including popular treatments like CoolSculpting® or Forever Young BBL®—himself, ensuring natural-looking outcomes personalized to the unique goals of each individual man or woman. All other non-medical treatments, such as HydraFacial MD®, are performed by our highly trained aesthetician.

“We only use the finest medical grade equipment and treatments.”

– Dr. Peter Petropoulos

At Potomac Medical Aesthetics, Dr. Peter Petropoulos offers proven medical procedures including lasers, BBL™, CoolSculpting®, and injectables (Botox® and dermal fillers). His aesthetician offers facials and other aesthetic treatments, plus a line of the finest skincare products.

A Staff that Shares Dr. Petropoulos’ Belief in the Ultimate Patient Experience

Dr. Petropoulos and his staff offer medical grade treatments and a VIP experience. He says “I want people to walk through the front door and feel welcome. They should not have to wait.” Dr. Petropoulos believes in superlative care before during and after a procedure.

Dr. Petropoulos uses a great expression about how he chooses his staff: “Hire the smile. Train the skill.” That is the reason each staff member will do anything in their power to make patients happy, including things outside the normal duties of the staff. They take the initiative to do whatever will create the best patient experience at Potomac Medical Aesthetics.

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